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We offer Toll Free number with a smart Call Management System [Dss-IVR] to help small companies generate more business and project a bigger and professional image. Route your Toll Free Number instantly to any number. Now you can answer the call on your cell phone, home phone or from a phone in another country.

Here is a system which needs no setup or maintenance and still gets you customers at as low as Rs.1.00 /new customer!! Manage and maintain your customers call record automatically. ..

Toll-Free service is very wide for all organisations in sales, support, CRM, survey, polls, subscription, accounts etc.DSS Toll-Free number fits all you needs and business requirements.

Smart Toll-Free Number

  • Attract more customers by letting them call for free
  • Connect callers to personalized professional IVR
  • Keep track of all Calls and follow up for business.

  • Marketing and Customer Care

  • No hardware or software setup required at any step
  • Get entire service and maintenance from DSS
  • Overall tracking, reporting and recording of all calls

  • Beauty of Toll Free number :- It is billed for all arrival calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. So client can call without paying and may reach you easily..

    Management Panel

    Dream Soft Solutions provides you toll free management panel where all calls are stored. So you are able to manage your incoming calls & recordings.

    Number Choices

    Dream Soft Solutions provides you great flexibility to choose your toll free number. We offer auto & manual number choice options.

    Multi Agent Access

    This feature allows your employees or executives to access their call logs when you are not available, so it divides responsibility.

    SMS integration

    Dream Soft Solutions provides SMS integration feature with toll free service. All text messages sent to your number are stored in one place.

    Call recording

    This feature allows you to record incoming calls that you want. You can manage & delete these recorded calls anytime.

    Excel Download

    We provide your complete report in excel sheet. You can download this excel sheet report.

    Vanity Numbers

    Vanity numbers are more easy to remember. You can choose eye-catching vanity numbers with Dream Soft Solutions.

    Live Billing

    Dream Soft Solutions provides live billing for your toll free services. You can check your billing details from your account.

    Multiple Channels

    You will get multiple channels with our toll free service. You will never miss any call with our service

    Live Report & Statistics

    Dream Soft Solutions gives you complete live reports & notifications. You can monitor your reports & statistics anytime from your panel.

    100% Availability

    Our Toll free number service offers you 100% availability, means the number you selected will definitely be available.

    On hold music

    This feature allows to choose any type of music like classical, optimistic, rock, or electronic to keep your customers on the line.

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