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Voice SMS

We live in a world of Instant fantasy where everything is done immediately and instantly. Wondered how fast the world is moving ahead? It becomes important to place your brand right in the mind of your audiences. There are various ways to advertise and promote your businesses. Most popular ones are the voice SMS service, which is considered an effective marketing tool.

Bulk Voice SMS / Voice Calling is a simple communications technology that blasts a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time. Often used for community alerts, notifications, in business applications or for promotional purposes. Send your customers personalized messages, record their responses and conduct analysis to uncover new business opportunities.Web based voice calling service is one of the simplest, fastest and price effective method to promote products and services in modern times

How it Works?

In the Auto Voice Dial Up System, you upload the database and upload the voice message file provided or recorded by you. The System then plays your recorded voice message on each number (mobile or landline numbers) mentioned in the database. The receiver of Voice SMS Broadcasting call simply listens to the recorded voice message.

Easy to Use

  • No software/hardware installation
  • Just 1 Min. Time to startup
  • Sign Up - Buy Voice sms - Start Sending…
  • Send Bulk SMS using Phone book Group Entries Feature
  • Add or Delete Contacts & Groups.
  • Scheduling Bulk Voice campaigns.

  • Who should use DSS Voice sms?

    Bulk Voice sms can be used for a wide range of Industry like--

  • Insurance companies or banks can send voice call as reminder for policy / loan payment with amount and date etc
  • Political campaign promotion, vote reminders
  • Send Marketing / Promotion voice call or VMS (Voice Message Service) to your prospective clients.
  • Airlines can send voice call to passengers / guest - status of flight or schedule etc.
  • Send Marketing / Promotion voice call or VMS (Voice Message Service) to your prospective clients.

  • Many of the modern day marketers have chosen voice broadcasting as a promotion medium to reach out to the large Indian audience in their regional language to create a personal touch. Moreover close to 90% of Indian population being non English speaking, marketers/enterprises chose bulk voice SMS or outbound dialer as a solution to reach them in their own language.

    High Availability

    Cloud infrastructure, multiple operators on each location, redundant power supply, redundant network, cloud infrastructure, 24x7 live monitoring ensures you continue service.

    Huge Capacity

    We have huge capacity due to own cloud datacenter optical fiber connectivity with operator. We are able to process a "Million" voice call in a day. Reach more people in less time.

    Quick Setup

    We believe in robotic process so you need not to wait for hours to get a complete setup. Your account is setup in 60 seconds; even you may use your own number for voice broadcasting.

    Cloud Infrastructure

    Dream Soft Solutions has its own SSD powered cloud datacenter platform to ensure high speed, highly stable system, due to cloud infrastructure we are able to increase capacity anytime.

    Multiple Gateway

    Dream Soft Solutions voice broadcasting application is designed to handle multiple voice gateways to deliver very high quality voice to all type networks & communications mediums.


    Dream Soft Solutions has own cloud telephony technology so are we able to do customization any time as per the requirement. We offer customized solutions that meet your needs.

    No Contract & Commitments

    We do not bind any client with commitments or contracts. Our client only pay for used services. We will offer you cloud solutions as per your needs without any hassle.

    Upload Audio Files

    Dream Soft Solutions allows you to upload audio files. You can upload a WAV file, MP3 file & other format file. You have to make sure audio is clear & easy to understand before uploading.

    Detailed Reports

    You can easily get complete report of your voice marketing campaign in web based control panel. You can also easily track who received your voice call and who did not.

    Cost Effective

    We commit to provide best pricing in industry. We cover 95% of networks worldwide. As per your need you find one stop solution. You only have to pay for used service.

    Web Control panel

    You can check all your status of voice calls using web-based panel and you can operate it from everywhere. Dream Soft Solutions offers user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage

    Custom Caller-ID

    You can use your own existing number for voice broadcasting. You may change your number any time. Use your own number for caller ID. It gives ease of access.

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